Sidmouth Unwrapped

Independent Zero Waste Store & Off License

We are an independent zero waste shop situated in the beautiful coastal town of Sidmouth in East Devon. We have a huge range of refillable products that can be dispensed into paper bags/jars/bottles or other containers. We have an excellent range of locally produced beer, cider, wine and spirits as well as quality offerings from around the world.

Our range of refillable products includes kitchen staples such as oil, vinegar, pasta, herbs, spices, beans, pulses and oats. We offer a variety of organic loose leaf teas and fair-trade coffee beans that can be ground to your specification. We have sweets, chocolate-covered treats, drinking chocolate, dried fruits, flour and even cider that can be dispensed into your own bottle.

We have a range of personal care products that includes shampoo, conditioner, hand wash, body wash, soap bars and beauty products. We have everything you need for an excuse to lay in the bath for 30 mins while sipping a glass of wine or a cold beer, including the wine and cold beer!

Our excellent range of eco-friendly household cleaning products can be pumped into your container or, into our own high-quality spray bottles or pump bottles that are available to buy in-store.


We use a state-of-the-art weighing system that ensures our customers only pay for the goods they place in their containers.

  • Containers are placed on the scales and weighed.
  • A barcode is produced and attached to the container.
  • The container is then filled with produce.
  • The container barcode is then scanned before placing the container back on the scale.
  • The scale automatically subtracts the container weight and the price is generated from the weight of the product selected on the screen.
  • A second barcode is generated and attached to the container. This tells the checkout till the correct amount of money to charge the customer

In other words “weigh-fill-weigh-pay”